For Referring Physicians

Information For Referring Physicians

doctor-and-patient As physicians, we are respected and trusted by our patients. This is a great responsibility that we should all take seriously. One way this trust is demonstrated is by patients seeking out the physician referrals we suggest.

At our office, you can be assured that any patients you refer to us for pain management, will be treated with respect and will be given the time necessary to determine the correct treatment protocol. We schedule appointments so that each patient has ample time to review symptoms, history and concerns with Dr. Siegfried. Patients will see Dr. Siegfried at each and every appointment, not a physician's assistant.

Dr. Siegfried takes the time to lay out the most effective and least invasive treatment plan for each patient. We truly appreciate referrals from other physicians and look forward to the opportunity to work with our referring physicians and their patients.

Why Refer To Us?

With many physicians available, it is important to remember that the physicians you refer to, are a reflection on you. We take this very seriously and treat each patient with the respect and compassion. Dr. Siegfried is also board certified and extensively trained at the countries finest universities.

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