Why Refer To Us?

As a physician, you have a choice on who to refer your patients to.

We appreciate your referrals.

Your choice of consultants on patient care, evaluation and treatment reflects upon YOU as the referring physician. If the consultant you refer lacks empathy and does not engender confidence, this can reflect poorly on you. At our office, we take this seriously and do our best to ensure a quality experience for all patients.

Our Philosophy:

• We understand that patients want to be treated quickly. That’s why we triage patients and make certain that patients are seen as quickly as they need to be.

• We understand that patients want to be heard. That’s why we set aside adequate time for a thorough evaluation.

• We understand that patients want an accurate diagnosis. That’s why Dr. Siegfried reviews all of the diagnostic testing personally and orders additional testing if required.

• Finally, we understand that patients want safe and effective treatment. That’s why all treatments that we offer are evidence-based and in accordance with regional, national and international guidelines. We strive to avoid excessive treatment that provides no additional benefit but exposes the patient to additional risk.

To schedule appointments, please call: 973.796.5216 or 570-409-3371.


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